Shure Microflex Advance MXA310 Table Array Microphone

July 30, 2020

The Microflex Advance Table Array Microphone from Shure is a multi-channel, networked boundary microphone that provides custom coverage in a wide range of conferencing environments.
The table array microphone is designed to completely integrate with network infrastructure. Available in several colors, the sleek industrial design blends right into your environment, and features configurable multi-color LED light ring and mute switch.
Installation and signal routing are simple.
A single network cable carries control data, power over Ethernet, and 5 channels of digital audio using Dante technology.
Just connect the microphone to an Ethernet network, and route each signal to its destination using Dante Controller software.
The intuitive browser-based interface delivers comprehensive microphone control.
Each independent channel can be aimed in any direction by simply dragging a channel into position. Selectable polar patterns for each channel ensure that speech is clearly captured.
The table array microphone is the first to offer a groundbreaking new toroid polar pattern. This innovative design provides 360-degree horizontal coverage, while rejecting unwanted overhead sounds caused by projectors, HVAC systems, or other noise sources.
Once the coverage is set, the channel view provides independent gain control for each microphone channel in a familiar mixer configuration, complete with parametric equalization to maximize intelligibility.
Integrated automatic mixing activates channels when speech is detected to provide clear voice reproduction with minimized background noise.

It’s sent over an independent Dante audio channel, so you can easily connect it to a video conferencing system or computer.
With an unmatched level of control, the Microflex Advance table array delivers the high quality sound you expect, from the most trusted audio brand worldwide. For more information, visit


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