Little Ram 3d Run| Little Ram mobile Game Trailer

August 2, 2020

Play as Little Ram and chase the notorious Ravan in this endless running game.

Diwali gets even more exciting. Celebrate the victory of good over bad with your beloved Little Ram across mobile devices.

Ravan – The notorious demon king is always ready with his evil plans to harm innocent residents of Shaanpur. Join Little Ram on his quest to stop Ravan and protect his people. Let the chase begin!

Get ready to follow Little Ram while he chases the evil Ravan and brings him to justice for his wicked deeds. Prepare yourselves for lots of fun conquering obstacles in your way. Avoid raging bulls, angry elephants, hot lava streams and more. Collect as many coins as you can and score highest among your friends, in this new challenging 3D game.

Run across the streets of Shaanpurand collect as many coins you can. Slide through hollow wooden trunks. Jump over incoming bulls and boulders. Tackle through barricades and continue chasing Ravan. Grab Magnets on the run to collect all the nearby coins. Seize all the Shields on your way and run through obstacles. Use Speed Boots to boost up your speed and help Little Ram narrow down the distance between him and Ravan.

Do not forget to take a Headstart or a Megastart and earn extra points. Use the incredible Pushpak Viman on your way and collect easy coins while you fly high in the sky. Nab the Archery Kits as special collectibles on your chase for Ravan and exchange them for more coins. Coins are really useful as they help you upgrade your Power-ups to last longer.

Participate in daily challenges and earn extra rewards. Take up various missions and complete them to increase your XP multiplier. While you’re up to the usual masti, antics and pranks, acquire Gems on the run and use them to Revive yourself when required. Protect your village and its people from Ravan. Brace yourselves to brawl with Ravan in the Caves and teach him a good lesson in challenging BOSS FIGHTS.

Game Features:
– DODGE, JUMP, and SLIDE through obstacles
– RUN across the vibrant Shaanpur with amazing HD Graphics
– COLLECT Coins, gather Rewards and UPGRADE Power-Ups
– ACQUIRE tokens to unlock Characters with specific abilities
– Defeat Ravan in challenging BOSS FIGHTS
– SCORE THE HIGHEST and beat your friends using exciting Power-ups
– Tackle all CHALLENGES in this official ‘Little Ram’ mobile game

So, click on the Download button NOW, and enjoy an all-new and engaging gameplay experience and challenges.

– The game is also optimized for tablet devices.
– This game is completely free to download and play. However, some game items can be purchased with real money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings.


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