Learn Chinese Characters FAST (Part1) : The Memory Game with Spaced Repetition Software

July 31, 2020

One of the best ways to memorize individual Chinese characters is by using SRS, like AnkiDroid or Memrise. Based on over a 100 years of research, Spaced Repetition Software has solved the problem of memorisation in the most efficient manner. With SRS you can do the least amount of reviewing possible while still retaining the information. SRS main goal is to help you remember for a long time (if not for life) vast amounts of information through the process of focusing only on a small subset of the information daily. SRS has two main sides: 1) The memory game 2) The frequency game.
Memory game promises a retention rate of 90-95% – Don’t shoot for perfection, no one is perfect, and by not worrying about it you actually end up learning more. Getting 90-95% of 4000 characters is considerably better than 100% of 1000. Memory game particularly addresses your brain’s spam filter. By increasing space of time between repetitions, you can keep recalling and remembering old material in spite of learning new material. This is sometimes referred to as the “Leaking Bucket” problem, which refers to when language learners only retain language that they have learned recently.

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