How to play Word on the Street Junior

August 1, 2020

Learn the rules to the board game Word on the Street Junior quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first team to pull 8 letters off your side of the board. Set up the board in the middle of the table and divide the players into two teams who sit on either side. Place the category cards and timer on one end and all the letter tiles on their corresponding positions in the center of the board. Make sure the category cards are all the same direction, as this will be what everyone plays with. Blue side is more challenging than the green.

Teams alternate taking turns. On your teams turn, draw a category card and the opposite team flips the timer. You now have 30 seconds. Read the category aloud. Brainstorm possible answers to single words that fit that category. Pick one of those words and begin to spell it. One person then pulls letter tiles towards your team as each letter is spelled in that word. If the timer runs out during the brainstorm, your team must stop brainstorming and choose a word. Your team has as much time to correctly spell the word they need. You may use help from a dictionary or other resource to help you spell correctly. Place the category card back in the tray; it is now the other teams turn.

The word you’re allowed to spell is any single English word. Capitalization doesn’t matter and it may only be hyphenated if it is part of a name (such as “In-N-Out” or “Zeta-Jones”). You may only use present tense words. You may use plural forms of words so long as they fit the category. If your category is “pizza topping” you could say “olives” but not “pineapples” because it is generally written as “pineapple” when listed as a pizza topping. Compound words are also allowed.

The opposing team may challenge a word if they think that it doesn’t fit the category. If a team challenges you on your word fitting into the category, then you must give an explanation as to why you think your word is appropriate. If the majority of players reject the explanation then all the tiles return to their previous positions and you end your turn. If there is a tie for rejecting the word, then the word is rejected and the team restarts their turn with a new category card.

Each letter is moved one space towards your team for each time it appears in a word. Once you move the first letter of a word you may not change your word. Your team must spell the word aloud as the tiles are moved one at a time by one person. Once a letter is moved off the street it has been captured and may no longer be moved when it is used in a word. It remains visible there until the end of the game.

The first team to get 8 tiles on their side of the board wins.


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