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July 30, 2020

Gossip Girl 2 – Fighting Back
Dress Up Games!


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Hi, I am Serena Miller. I was used to be a normal high school student. But there were some nasty rumors about me. Regina was the Queen of the school. But she thought Nate broke up with her because of me. She posted a photo of Nate sending me flowers at the library. So everyone thought I was a bad girl.

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Product Features:
*Serena still have to go school after the drama
– Do the daily preparations as usual before school
– But that does not mean you can be in school as before
– You meet the Regina in the school canteen
– WHAT? She pours the drinks on your skirt
– Can you stop her this kind of pranks?
*Friend tips for you to fight this arrogant girl
– Regina is just spoiled and arrogant
– You have to protect yourself
– Don’t let her feeling that everyone is scared of her.
*Yes, friend tips are right. You have to do something
-Clean the house and relieve your bad emotions
-Wait! You find something in the dust bin!
– Yes, it is the most important staff to prove your innocent
*This is not the end, you should learn how to be a pretty girl
– New hairstyle gives you a new look
– Makeup and dressup make you confident
Yes, Girl! You will not be an easily bullied girl anymore
You want to know more about what will happen between them! Come on and join us to Gossip Girl…

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