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July 21, 2020

Play chess in Excel. Excel VBA programming.
This chess game is an Excel file programmed in VBA. is played from a user form. You can choose between chess games and chess combinations. In chess games, Player 1 always starts, with chess combinations the selected player starts. The player on the train will be highlighted in yellow.
Zug starts when field is clicked with selected character, and ends with clicking the Target field. Turn-start is highlighted in yellow, the end of the train is marked in blue. The correctly shown trains are played after 2 seconds, the incorrectly shown moves are canceled.
All played trains are entered in the list. The list can be examined or expressed according to different search criteria.
The program can play all trains, only en passers (pawn in passing) is not played.

Nguồn: https://ganeshotsavam.org

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  • Thank you. How do I download this VBA based file to play 2 player chess?

    Deepak S Bharadwaj July 21, 2020 6:01 am Reply

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